Some Benefits of Working With us

  • Sell your house now and move on to more important things in your life
  • We provide a $3,000 down payment in 3 days providing cash needed to move to your next home
  • Full cash closing in 5-7 days
  • We buy as-is, no inspections, no contingencies
  • We take care of all city inspections and repairs
  • We give sellers up to 2 weeks after the cash closing to move
  • Leave All unwanted items behind, we’ll take care of them

Simply Sold – The Home Guys Way

Thanks for stopping by, we are glad you landed here!  If you are looking to sell a home and are thinking there must be a better way, you are right! The crazy, complicated, and stressful process that Realtors push on you, is outdated, there is a better way.  You came to the Right Place!  Buckle up and let’s dig in.  We are here to help.  

Minnesota Home Guys offers a professional home buying service.  We basically take care of everything that is involved in getting a house ready to sell and selling it.  With our process you can sell your home quickly and get paid in as little as 7 days, or whenever is convenient.  It offers a lot more flexibility in moving to your next home, when you don’t need to worry about selling this one.
Our goal is to make the selling process as simple and stress-free as possible.  We use a single page, plain-English purchase agreement and we close at a local title company.  Since the closing is a cash closing with no mortgage, it only takes about 10 minutes at a location close to you, or remotely if you are out of town.  We pay all of the closing costs for the title company, so you don’t need to worry about that either.  We don’t require sellers to make any repairs or conduct any inspections or appraisals.  We buy the property as-is, including any unwanted items that are left behind in the property, we take care of those too.  We don’t require any cleaning, painting, or repairs.  There are Zero commissions or fees to work with us.
If you miss the hot selling season trying to get your house ready to list, it could cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on a lower sale price.  Minneapolis real estate market is Very seasonal, with the hot months being February to June.  After June, the market activity starts to drop like a rock as families take summer vacations and begin to worry about school starting in September.
When you add up all of the costs incurred through listing a property for sale through a Realtor, you find out the net amount you take home is much lower than your asking price.  Here is a typical example.

Simply Sold Process with Minnesota Home Guys (7 days)

Day 1 – Property Walk-Through (20 minutes)

Day 2 – All Cash Offer with no contingencies on 1 page in Plain English

Day 3 – Schedule Closing at Title Company at a time convenient for you.  Closing can be scheduled at a location near you or done remotely if needed.

Day 7 – Closing at Title Company or remotely (10 minutes) – Walk away with Cashier’s check or wire transfer

Timeline of a typical sale with a REALTOR (4-9 months)

Month 1-2 Preparing to Sell (Cost: $1,000-$20,000 depending on level of repairs, paint, cleaning)
  • Repairs
  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • Moving, possibly Rent storage unit
  • Realtor Interviews (Interview 3-5)
  • Pay Mortgage, Insurance, Property Taxes, HOA dues, maintenance, and utility costs
Month 3 Listing for Sale (Example List Price: $150,000)
  • Photos
  • Complete and Sign Listing Contract – Exclusive Right To Sell (This locks the property in with the Realtor for up to 6 months) (6 pages)
  • Complete and Sign Agency Relationships in Real Estate Transactions (2 pages)
  • Complete and Sign Lead-based paint addendum (2 Pages)
  • Complete Seller’s Disclosure booklet on all historical issues with the house (Sellers must disclosure anything that can affect enjoyment of the property) (12 pages)
  • Complete and sign MLS input form with details of the property
  • Sign installed in yard
  • For Townhouse/Condo, complete Condominium/Townhouse/Cooperative Common Interest Community (4 pages)
  • For Townhouse/Condo, Order resale disclosure packet from association ($250-500 cost) (100+ Pages)
  • Pay Mortgage, Insurance, Property Taxes, HOA dues, maintenance, and utility costs
  • Conduct Time of Sale inpsection with City or TISH/TOS inspection ($75-150)
  • Complete repairs required by city
  • For Townhome/Condo, conduct association inspection
  • Complete require repairs in 2-4 weeks

Month 4-5 Showings / Open Houses (Average Time on Market ~60 days)

  • Lockbox installed on front door
  • Showings scheduled daily
  • Clean house before every showing, turn all lights on
  • Leave house for 2 hours for each showing
  • Keep yard mowed and landscaping cleaned up
  • Difficult to have guests or kids at the house

Month 6 Offer

  • On a list price of $150k, a normal offer would come it at $145k with seller paying 3-4% of buyer’s closing costs
  • Buyer has a 10 day inspection period with contingency, buyer can back out after inspection or require repairs
  • Buyer has financing contingency with appraisal.  If financing falls through or appraisal doesn’t come in, sale falls through
  • Buyer’s inspector conducts a 2-4 hour inspection and writes up an inspection booklet on the findings
  • Buyers send over required repairs to seller, given 2-4 weeks to repair all items

Month 7 Underwriting 

  • An average loan takes 45-60 days to close in today’s market
  • The bank is underwriting the buyers ability to pay the loan
  • There is risk during this time of the buyer’s not getting approved for financing, even if they were “pre-approved”
  • There is risk of the property not appraising for the value offered
  • Buyers can walk away at any point in this process if they don’t like the financing terms
  • For FHA and VA loans, another inspector will be sent through the property for the bank
  • Seller will be given 2-4 weeks to correct repairs for the bank

Month 8 Closing 

Buyer’s Offer: $145,000, seller pays 3% closing costs
Inspections: $200
Initial Repairs/Paint/Cleaning: $1,000-$20,000
3% buyer’s closing costs: $4,500
1% seller’s closing costs: $1,500
Realtor Commissions: $9,000
Repairs from Inspection: $1,500
Holding Costs waiting to sell and close: $3,000-5,000 (Mortgage, insurance, taxes, utilities, maintenance, lawn mowing, etc)
Net to Seller at closing: $115,000 – $126,500 (Depending on repairs, cleaning, paint, etc. needed)
Our goal is to get you an offer that is competitive with what you would get through the REALTOR process AND take care of all of these headaches for you, allowing you to close in a short period of time and move on with your life.  We can close in as little as 7 days or whenever is convenient.
Let me know how we can help.